39th Week of Pregnancy and Still Waiting

For a 39 weeks pregnant the finish line is only one step ahead since the official due date that your doctor has gave you is just around the corner. But in many cases this week seems the longest in a woman’s life. Many women have given birth by this week of pregnancy but there are many more, especially in their first pregnancy, who won’t go into labor until this whole week is over; and perhaps the next one too. Your doctor is taking care of you and checking on you and the baby, once every week, trying to guess when your baby wants to be born. That is the only thing he can do: just guess. If the official date comes and your baby still refuses to come out, your doctor will probably use technical means to persuade him or her to finally get out of mammy and arrive into this world because continuing a pregnancy after the 40th week might put you and your baby at risk.

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