Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant

The baby weighs one and a half pounds and thirteen point seven inches long at 25 weeks pregnant. Important developments take place during this week; the spinal cord has formed with all vertebrae rings. The joints and ligaments that will provide support to the baby and the flesh to the bones are forming. This is the week when the baby becomes less skinny as fat accumulation below the skin increases.

The legs and arms begin to look more rounded and take shape. The baby is capable of yawning inside your tummy at 25 weeks pregnant. The reason for this is not well known although it is suspected to regulate the fluid getting into the baby’s lungs.

By 25 weeks pregnant, you have gained nine kilograms since the first day of pregnancy. Lower back pain and discomfort is a common characteristic during this time. This is due to the pressure of the uterus on the pelvic. The mother may also feel a tingling sensation or numbness that start from the back to the legs at 25 weeks pregnant. This is caused by the baby’s head depressing on to a nerve located at the bottom of the spine.

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