Brother TZe-231 Compatible Label Tape

The developers of the Brother TZe-231 Compatible Label Tape, 12mm (0.5”) Black on White were on point when they made it compatible with the TZe2331 P-touch. The features within this electronic model are knitted to perfection. Having an exclusive laminated tape process and a universal application standard adhesiveness ability are the two core reasons as why you would want to consider this label as a keeper. Despite whether the label is being used inside a printing building or outside during a seminar event, and regardless of extreme weather conditions, the tape will still stay on. It should also be noted that the tape also comes with new features such as the “crack and peel backing “feature.

Printers that have a compatibility capability with the tape must be from a P-touch label printer family. Users are advised to check with their electronic label makers in order to be acquitted with the full list of tapes from the ‘Brother’ brand. The label tape will stick to almost anything that is considered as a surface and its durability is said to be able to withstand abrasions and scrapes. The most obvious point that makes this electronic product to be of great ability is its water proof or water resistant capabilities. This has endowed the tape with the advantage of it to be used outside as well as inside. Some of the TZ-231 black on white p touch tape are laminated. This means that the tapes are now able prevent or block any oil, chemical or even droplets of water that may try to sneak in. UV rays, that are considered mostly as harsh by majority of printer and other electronic developers, have got nothing on the label. This is because, with the lamination cover on, the harsh rays cannot be able to leave their fading effect on the tape.

Most customers who have tried similar products have a regretful tone when they describe how rain and rust left their equipments to be rendered useless but with the Brother TZe-231 Compatible Label Tape, 12mm (0.5”) Black on White, it’s a whole different story. When matters pertaining to price arise, it’s an absolute delight to the buyers. Going at 7.39 dollars, the tape gives the customer an absolute win -win situation. Down from 10.49 dollars, the sale for this label has hit the roof with online sites slashing the price even more in a bid to appease buyers. In overall, the tape is a real value for money as its endurance and performance ability are quite remarkable when compared to its buying price.

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