Exactly How Many Days Do I Wait To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Women want to know how many days do I wait to take a pregnancy test? Normally, women wait until they miss their periods before they take pregnancy tests to reveal if they are pregnant or not. There is no hard and fast rule as to the number of days you should way before taking the pregnancy test. However, for it to be most reliable, you need to wait until the time when you are expecting your period for the pregnancy test to be the most reliable. If you get your period it is obvious that you are not pregnancy and you will not need to perform the test as you will not be pregnant. However, there are some tests in the market that will allow you to test as early as 4 days before your period is due. You also need to take it after an average of two weeks after you have had unprotected sex to prove your suspicions if you are pregnant as well. Interestingly, periods vary depending on factors such as environmental stress and so the reason you may have missed your periods may be because you have a problem with your body. Still, if this is combined with tiredness and you are always vomiting and also breast tenderness, you will be sure whether you are pregnant or not by taking the test.

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