How Long Is The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

No matter how much anxious you are to get pregnant, be patient and wait for a week or so before taking a pregnancy test. Assuming you do not have physical problems to deal with and your partners is also healthy, you can expect that you will get pregnant in one or two weeks after having unprotected sexual contact. In women who did not plan to get pregnant, this is a sign that their contraceptives are not working. Anyhow, this is the case because it will take about three days before fertilization takes place. This is because this is the time the sperm will travel from the cervix to meet the egg and fertilize it in the fallopian tube. After meeting and fertilizing it, the egg will travel back to the uterus and get implanted into the uterus and this will take another three to four days. This is an average of a week. It is important to add one or two days into the one week because it is a rough estimation as there are many variables to this. Take time to take the pregnancy test, although you should not take too much time as the pregnancy test may be of no use when you do so.

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