How to Detect Early Pregnancy and How to Test for It.


You will know that you are pregnant one to two weeks after you have had unprotected sexual contact. In essence, this is the time when the human gonadotrophin hormone has been released into your uterus and will be present in the blog and the urine samples. It is the reason why pregnancy test will either test the blood or the urine samples of the mother. This is the best way of testing for pregnancy as it will confirm the other symptoms of pregnancy. You will also know that you are pregnant when you are experiencing breast tenderness, and if you are always tired and your breast are tender. This is always because of the presence of the human gonadotrophin hormone that will have been released into your system to ensure the survival of the pregnancy. Do not test for pregnancy too soon as there will be no human gonadotrophin hormone in your system and you may end up getting a false positive or pregnancy. You do not want to be under the impression that you are pregnant when you are not, or under the impression that you are not pregnant when you are. Take time to take for pregnancy and you will be sure.

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