How to Extend the Life of Your Toner Cartridge

Toner cartridges tend to wear out quickly especially if they are being used for a long time. In case you buy a Canon 104 Black Compatible Toner Cartridge you need to have put up some measures in place to prolong its performance. It may not be economical changing your printers’ toners every time an old toner loses its touch. However, with the right proper maintenance on your printer you can as well have a toner that is optimally performing and at the same time cost effective. Also, you can work on your printers setting to make sure the toner works longer giving while giving you the best. When you buy the Canon 104 Black Compatible Toner Cartridge, you will be assured of great performances that yield practical results.

As stated above, when you change the settings of your printer to the economy or draft mode (especially when you do not need to print in high quality) you will be able to save on ink since this mode uses less ink but still creates legible documents. It’s good to print out of convenience; if you believe you can store a copy electronically on your computer then it is good to save on the toner and ink by not printing unnecessarily. It really helps to print documents in black and white or grayscale, especially if there is no need to print in color. The best font to print in while saving on the ink or the toner is century gothic or ecofront, others like time new Romans seem to use up a lot of ink.

It’s important to use your printer regularly to avoid the toner from drying up; the cartridge nozzles tend to be clogged op when they are not used for a long time. If the printer is not in use then you should turn it off; when it is turned off it keeps the cartridges sealed making sure ink does not dry up. The cleaning on your printer should be done regularly for about once a week by running the cleaning tool on your printer. The unused toner cartridges must be store properly to avoid damaging them and also for maintaining their performance. The unused toner cartridges should be store in their original packages and in upright position.

To save on cost in the long run, it is wiser to have a company perform your printing if it’s in bulks. After all it will make sense allowing them to print for you and in effect extends the life of your toner cartridges. When the low toner message pop up on your printer you can extend the printing capability by shaking the toner back and forth until you are able to print some few documents.

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