I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, How Big is My Baby?

One of the beautiful aspects of being pregnant is that as the baby grows within you, the little wonder begins to make his presence felt leaving you much more curious and with many  more “HOWs” and “WHYs” you seek answers to. You were most likely battling early morning sickness till about a couple of weeks back. By now you are satisfying your food cravings without any discomfort. If it is any more comforting it will be heartening for you to learn that your unborn delight might be relishing what you eat because by sixteen weeks of its inception in your womb, it has now started developing taste buds. The fact being that a fetus takes in its nutrition from the umbilical cord and does not actually feed on the food that a mother eats, but ignoring these facts sure leaves a mom-to-be with happy thoughts. Taste buds? Well, that sure sounds like a big leap. Most likely, you are pensive about how big is your baby by sixteen weeks.

Your unborn has graduated from being the size of poppy seed at three to four weeks time from the time of its coming into existence in your womb, been the size of a sweet pea at week six, size of a green olive at week  nine, as big as a plum at week 12, the size of a lemon till two weeks back and is now as large as an average avocado, measuring about four and a half inches and weighing about three and a half ounces. Besides just growing in size and weight the baby has been working overtime developing various features towards being born. At sixteen weeks the face is slowly taking resemblance to that of a baby’s with the eyes moving forwards towards the front of the head, the eyelashes and the eyebrows filling in ,the head being relatively more erect, the scalp beginning to take form though the hair on the scalp would still take longer to appear. The baby’s circulatory system also starts to function by sixteen weeks and the heart is now pumping as much as twenty five quarts of blood in a day. The practitioner can listen to the baby’s heart beat now.

There are tiny bones forming in your baby’s ears that are letting him hear your cooing voices and get accustomed to them. You can now talk to your loved one and cherish the joys of singing lullabies to him already. Your baby is growing little toe nails too.

At sixteen weeks gestation you can ask to know the gender of the baby to help you prepare an appropriate nursery for him/her and go on a shopping spree picking up a wardrobe in pink or blue.

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