Is Bloating a Sign of Pregnancy and when Can I Expect It?

Many women are curious, is bloating a sign of pregnancy? This is one of the accompanying symptoms of pregnancy but of course it is not the absolute sign that you are pregnant. You could be bloating because of tens of other reasons, that’s why you always need to have it confirmed with a doctor or a pregnancy test when you suspect pregnancy. If you have already done this, you can expect some bloating in the first few months f your pregnancy, especially when you change your diet to adapt to a new one. While changing your diet is important, it is also important not to overhaul it all at once and even then, I’m sure not so many people need to overhaul their whole diets when they are pregnant anyway. You will get some bloating here and there especially when you have diarrhea. You can get this managed by taking a lot of water and avoiding spicy foods and other things that will exaggerate your bloating and make it worse for you. Take time to eat well and keep a balanced diet both in quality and quantity. Ensure that many foods you are introducing in your new diet are taken in at a slower rate.

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