An Innovative Monetary Haven For Senior Citizens

Payday loan agencies are increasingly “taking a bite off the golden apple” according to the latest statistics from the Center for Responsible Lending, USA. More than 25% of payday loan applicants in the US are seniors who live on a monthly social security income from the State. The only major prerequisite when you apply for […]


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Why Are Periods Late And The Pregnancy Test Is Negative?

When a woman does not receive her periods, she is pregnant. This is because you cannot be pregnant and at the same time receive your periods. When you read in the biological books, you will find out that the hormones that are responsible for menstruation usually reduce when fertilization does not take place. In case […]

Why Did The Rabbit Die In Pregnancy Tests?

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How Long Is The First Trimester During Pregnancy

The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. A normal pregnancy will last for nine months; a period that is divided into three equal periods of three months each. The first period is what is referred to as the first trimester. This is the period in which the baby’s basic organs develop. His […]

How Many Weeks of Pregnancy Should I Expect?