Why Are My Platelets Low in Pregnancy?

Have you ever listened to the kind of dreams that young ladies have? If you have, you will find out that there is a common thing in their talk which is children. Every woman in the world has a desire to have a kid at one point in their lives. Women are so attached to their kids such that ladies who do not have kids of their own will always take care of other peoples kids. When you realize that a pregnant woman has changed all of a sudden, do no take it into heart because it is a result of the pregnancy that she is carrying. More so, if she is undergoing through some pain, she will try and extend it to other people who are innocent. One of the conditions that pregnant women face when pregnant is low platelet count.

Why are my platelets low in pregnancy has been asked by women for a long time now. One of the reasons is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer. When you have been diagnosed by cancer and you are about to get pregnant, you had better reschedule it because it will make your platelet count low. The processes that are involved in chemotherapy affect the bone marrow and this leads to the low production of platelets.

Radiation can also cause low marrow production. There are some tests that pregnant mothers go for and they use the x-rays. Radiation should be avoided by every pregnant mother because it affects the bone marrow. If you can avoid it, you had better if you value the creature that is growing in your womb. If you have a condition that is very serious, you need to get an alternative method. When you ask the doctors, they will tell you that a low platelet count during pregnancy is a problem.

The work of the platelets in the body is to help in clotting blood. If you have a low platelet count, your blood will not be clotting easily and that means that you might bleed to death. When you are giving birth, you have to bleed and if you have a low platelet count, the blood will not able to clot well. You have to be visiting the clink regularly for the doctor to keep a proper record of your pregnancy. Funny enough, it is not easy for the doctors to realize that you have a low platelet count until they have reduced to about 50,000.

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