What Does Pregnancy Discharge Look Like

Pregnancy discharge or vaginal discharge is one of the early signs f pregnancy. If it is accompanied by frequent urination, you may want to check to make sure you are pregnant. When you are not pregnant, you may also experience some vaginal discharge, although it will not be in the same consistency as when you are pregnant. Vaginal discharge will be thin and clear in the early stages of pregnancy. So long as it does not come with any feeling or itchiness and It has maintained a white, cream color you are safe. When the color is anything other than this you may be having infections and it is important to have yourself checked out by your gynecologist. You may be having anything, right from yeast infections to sexually transmitted infections; the latter which can be very dangerous to you and your baby. Pregnancy discharge happens when your body goes through a lot of changes when you become pregnant and it increased in consistency and frequency as you get close to your due date. It is normal to have pregnancy discharge but you need to look out for changes in color and itchiness as well as a foul smell. Anything green and red or in between should cause alarm.

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