Why Can’t Pregnant Women Donate Plasma

One of the rules of donating blood is that you should not be pregnant. In as much as a pregnant woman could be feeling the need to donate plasma, it is potentially risky and nobody will agree into the donation unless the woman goes into it without disclosing her situation. It is a process that can be very harmful to the baby and this is because there is a need to preserve the fluids and bodily nutrients for the sake of the growing baby. The demands actually increase during pregnancy and by donating plasma, the baby ends up suffering.

It is important to remember that the baby solely relies on the mother for proper and healthy growth and development. The placenta is also largely made up of plasma and by donating; you could be putting the entire pregnancy into risk. The baby definitely needs the nutrients through plasma to enhance and boost growth throughout pregnancy and when the nutrients end up working hard to replace the plasma that is missing, it is given that the baby ends up suffering and this is not good.

Even though the process of donating blood is one of the safest, there is still the risk of contracting diseases and infection and even though the chances are slim, pregnant women need to steer clear from any kind of risk. There are things which are given that pregnant women are not allowed to take part in and the donation of plasma is one of the many and needs to be avoided at all costs. The success of a pregnancy depends on the care accorded to it and hence the best pregnant women can do is ensure that they adhere to the guidelines they are given during pregnancy to keep baby safe and healthy till it is time for delivering.

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