Why Can’t Pregnant Women Eat Oysters?

Food during pregnancy is very important especially considering that the fetus needs to receive all the minerals and nutrients to help in its proper growth and development and hence eating healthy is one of the key things that women need to make sure they do during pregnancy. Fish and other seafood are among the best when it comes to nutrients. Some are however better avoided during this phase since they can be risky to the pregnancy.

Oysters are great in terms of nutrition during pregnancy but women are however advised to keep off the seafood. The main reason is that oysters have naturally occurring bacteria which can cause symptoms which can lead to risks of miscarriage. Apart from the bacteria, oysters might also come with parasites and viruses all of which can be infectious and this is because they are filter-feeders and hence the viruses, bacteria and the parasites occur naturally in their systems.

In normal circumstances, the viruses and bacteria are killed upon heating but pregnant cannot be too sure how well cooked the oysters are and hence they are advised to keep off them as a way of avoiding the many symptoms and complications they can get upon eating the raw oysters during pregnancy. When they are well cooked, they are quite nutritious and can be great sources of omega 3 and B vitamins among other nutrients and hence the pregnant women can benefit greatly from the oysters. However it is best to be safe that risk it all thinking that the oysters are actually properly prepared.

The success of the pregnancy depends on the care it is accorded and hence women are advised to take their time in knowing what is good and what is bad for the pregnancy to increase its success rates to the very end.

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